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    It was my honor to be a guest on The Open Door Sisterhood. We discussed how our deep grief and loss birthed The Krista Foundation and then a passion for creating a warm and inviting space for our guests to visit and find respite.

    Krista Gilbert hosts and show notes are available HERE.

    This interview with The Open Door Sisterhood is for anyone who has experienced a loss of any kind – from a death, to a loss of health, to a loss of a relationship, or the loss of financial stability.

    Krista Gilbert hosts and show notes are available HERE.

    Dr. Gloria Horsley and her daughter Dr. Heidi Horsley interview guests with inspiring stories about recovery from loss.

    They provide resources, answer questions, offer support, and maintain a healthy, positive environment for people who have experienced loss.

    Learn more HERE.

    Finding Strength And Renewal After Child Loss

    by Open To Hope


    Sojourner's Magazine

    A full page review of Soul Space appears in the December issue, including two photographs of the book cover and Krista Colleagues:

    “Soul Space is a beautiful blueprint for contemplation among Christians who believe that true faith requires an enduring dedication to justice around the world.” 

    This article is available to subscribers at the Sojourners Magazine site.


    Linda was interviewed by C-SPAN in their “2017 LCV Cities Tour” when they visited Spokane, Washington as a part of their American History TV (AHTV) series.

    Linda discussed Norwegian immigrant Helga Estby who walked across America with her daughter in 1896, from Eastern Washington to New York, to win $10,000 in order to save her family’s farm.

    Full text and video is available HERE.

    Skagit River Journal

    This is possibly the book that will define both the indomitable spirit of the Victorian-era frontier women — especially those who were immigrants, and their perseverance along with the consequences if they stepped “out of the place” in society.

    When you read Helga Estby’s very personal story in Linda Lawrence Hunt’s Bold Spirit, I suspect that you will often do as I did — ruminate on whether you could fill her dozens of pairs of shoes as she walked across America.

    Full article is available HERE.

    Bold Spirit has been widely reviewed and recommended by sites such as:


    The Northern Light

    The loss of a loved one, especially the loss of a child, can leave a person devastated beyond words, but author Linda Hunt has found a way to transform her pain into hope for others.

    Hunt, the daughter of late Birch Bay residents Harold and Evelyn Christensen, is the author of “Pilgrimage Through Loss,” a new book that confronts the difficult topic of how to endure the loss of a child, a friend or a family member.

    Full article is available HERE.

    Katherine Scott Jones

    Katherine is an author and former student of Linda’s:

    We all have moments in life when we receive news that touches us in a way that will illuminate our lives for a long time to come. … I knew [Krista] was an extraordinary young woman–lively, lovely, and luminous in a way few young adults are. 

    … For years afterward, I would find myself remembering Krista to the point that her dedication to service–to making a hands-on difference in our hurting world–has shaped my own determination to do so.

    Full article is available HERE.

    Pilgrimage Through Loss has been recommended as a resource on several sites, including:



    It was my great honor to interview internationally beloved author Alice Walker, who received the Pulitzer Prize for The Color Purple.

    Please feel free to share her refreshing wisdom!