Pilgrimage Through Loss

The death of a child immerses parents into a lifelong challenge of living with one of life’s most heartbreaking losses. Pilgrimage through Loss tells the story of our family’s journey, along with interviews from thirty other mothers and fathers. They add their voices to the silence that often surrounds suffering in our ‘mourning avoidant’ culture. The book illuminates the varied pathways that parents eventually discover that opens their lives to strength and healing. Rather than prescribing a path that will lead to recover, I encourage parents to find the pathways that work for them as they seek to engage life again with meaning and hope. Pilgrimage through Loss not only helps grieving parents, but also provides an insightful resource for those wanting to understand and come alongside a family in grief. It includes questions for reflection and discussion, plus recent research on grief and loss, and a listing of organizations for bereaved parents.


Linda Hunt’s sensitively written book speaks profoundly to the hardest passages of human loss, but she leads the reader through such depths to a new and unexpected place. With an honestly that is both wise and unflinching, she shows us how joy does not supplant but rather transforms grieving.” Darrell L. Guder, H. W. Luce Professor, Princeton Theological Seminary

“Award-winning author Linda Lawrence Hunt does it again. First with Bold Spirit, now with Pilgrimage through Loss, she invites her readers into a soul journey of grief, compassion and renewal. With due respect to many books about grief, it is Hunt’s spiritual insight and compelling prose that will make one reader want to tell another and another about this extraordinary book.” Ronald C. White, Jr., Author, A. Lincoln, a Biography and Fellow, The Huntington Library

“Linda Hunt speaks to the heart of military families! Every military chaplain longs for resources like Pilgrimage through Loss, and Linda has given birth from her own pain and faith. It will bring much needed aid and comfort to thousands of gold-star parents for years to come.” Colonel Les Hyder, Retired Chaplain and Former Director of the Air National Guard Chaplain Corps